Excellent Discount Tire experience. What a team!

I had never bought anything or visited a Discount Tire
store before , but my experience this weekend, before Christmas no less, means I will come back many times in the future. After having a non-responsive experience at Pep Boys regarding wheels for my new 2012 Civic (and having to wait a week for any wheel, since they don’t carry them in stock), I found Discount Tire on Google. Your website was excellent at suggesting a wheel size that fit my new car exactly, telling me how many actual wheels were in stock at my local stores, and even letting me set an appointment online for the same day – guaranteed. I was thrilled – this is the way all businesses should thrive to operate. It’s an internet world for everyone, but many businesses seem to resist that for some reason.

When I arrived at the store three hours later, the store manager (Cole, I believe) was super nice, as were all the technicians. I was helped with the $30 rebate (did not buy tires, just wheels), waited only an hour for wheel installation (that alone was a relief, and not expected), waited in a very clean showroom/waiting area and was again treated super well when I left. Cole (?) even gave me a printed-out rebate form and told me everything could be done online with my invoice number regarding the rebate – no messy copying of forms, mailing in receipts, wasting stamps, etc. Excellent!

Your website selection and information, online appointment setting and easiness, employee friendliness and my entire experience was just AWESOME. It reminded me of shopping from Amazon.com – which is so easy, efficient and is filled with a great customer experience. A competitor, Pep Boys, offered none of this in my multiple past experiences with them. Hence, I won’t be going back there for anything tire or wheel related, ever (if at all for anything else).

Thanks again for furnishing a gold standard in convenience, efficiency and exemplary customer service. I was duly impressed by everything. You’ve got a customer for life now. Please pass this note along to your Yukon, Oklahoma team (my invoice number was #1045084).

Thanks again!



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