Monthly Archives: November 2011

Back from the drive

Drive back from Missouri Saturday in raid and high winds, but we all survived. It’s nice to get home, but hitting airports this week for Cleveland. Wonder if it’s colder there. It’s FREEZING here with the winds!




This is a test from Jim’s office



This is a test of my office using Siri and the iOS WordPress app. Voice posts — oh no.


iPad toddler games.

Addy excels at these things.


Netflix – don’t make it SO easy to hate you

There was a time when I could stream Netflix to many o the devices in my home at the same time. Not so much anymore — we are limited to one device at a time (dropped the DVD subscription), and the flaunted “Family Plan” for streaming still is not here. Netflix, don’t – DON’T – drive me back to OTA movies. Please!

I don’t want to be a “Quitster” — that would not be good.

Earthquakes, tornadoes and more

Reflecting on the state-record earthquakes and odd November tornadoes from a few weeks ago, this may bring a small, snide laugh:

“Safety precautions for Oklahomans to remember:

1. Tornadoes are coming – seek shelter in the interior of your house.
2. Earthquakes are coming – avoid the interior of your house. Go outside.
3. There is lightning all around – avoid high ground.
4. There is flash flooding – avoid low ground.
5.¬†Even though the state is flooding please be aware of our burn ban.”

This is a test

This is a test while I am driving down Britton Road in Oklahoma City. Siri works pretty darn well.