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Find me – Brian – here are WordPress

Wow — haven’t been to WordPress in a little while except for creating temp blogs in the last few years. Used TypePad and WordPress back in the day (like, 2006!) — so it’s nice to see it’s come a LONG way. I think WordPress needs a better iOS app, though. Well, okay — not really. It’s leagues beyond Google’s paltry Blogger iOS app, right? And, what’s with the still-3.5″ inch screen on the 4S? Apple — you had me at OS stability (Android=meh!), but srsly — just a half an inch – to 4″ – would have made things SO much easier with your flagship, kick-ass phone. Sigh — we’ll see when the “5” comes out, yes?

Thinking of buying the new Steve Jobs biography for the Kindle as it would probably make really interesting reading. That is, at midnight when I have a few moments to spare. Life is just too busy.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs book cover


Glitch Mob

I love the Tron Legacy remix soundtrack album. Cool stuff. Need subs in car/house to enjoy fully though.

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